Re: Engine room fans 220V Fan above Onan.

Judy and Bill aboard SV BeBe <yahoogroups@...>

Sorry, the link did not work on the 220V Fan photo, but I tested this one and it works:


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I want to thank you for pointing out the 2 mfd capacitor on the 220V exhaust fan. I had a feeling this exhaust fan was turning slower, so I check the cap and yes it was out of spec. I replaced it with the exact capacitor which is used on the Climma Fan Motor. I had some spares.

And yes, the fan is blowing better now.

Photo at Photo Albums > Onan MDKVA - OR, link to it here:

Hope this helps anyone with a slowing exhaust fan.

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Hello Alexandre, The first company I went to could not do it, the second was a big commercial galvaniser used by manufacturers of all sizes of iron goods and so their hot dip tank must have been huge length and depthwise. If I was unable to find such a company I think that I would wait until I could or buy a new chain. I mentioned in several previous posts that we have bolted some zinc anodes on to the chain next to the anchor and this may be why the galvanising is long lasting.
I too would like to know where your photos of the engine room fans are located . I have found the fuse and also a 2 mfd capacitor beside it and wonder whether that capacitor is partly defective thus causing the fan to run slowly. Certainly my engine room gets very hot when both engines are running. I am procrastinating over replacing the capacitor as it is in a hard place to get at and am not sure that the fan is not running at it’s full speed.

Best wishes, Anne and John, Bali Hai, SM 319, Licata

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Haven't done anything yet.
I thought I could have it sandblasted, then do a cold galvanized spay, then paint it.
I am open to suggestion!
Sincerely, Alexandre

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Subject: RE: [Amel] Chain too long to be regalvanized...
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What did you do with the spade anchor?

Fair Winds


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Good morning Anne and John,

One of my anchor (Spade) has a lot of rust and was told
twice it needs to be

regalvanized, since the galvanizing company have a minimum
order/weight, I

thought I would bring everything... The first company
couldn't do the chain,

becausethey didn't had the basket to "centrifuge
the chain. The second

company had the basket, but as I mentionned too small.



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Subject: Re: [Amel] Chain too long to be regalvanized...



Date: Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 3:46 AM

Hello Alex, Why did you think it needed

regalvanising and why did they think you were wrong?

We had our 80 mtr chain hot dip galvanised in Spain about

four years ago and it is still perfect but only used for

months of the year. To do it they did not have a tank 81

metres deep so they made a number of hooks out of strong

wire and looped the chain so that was shorter than the

It was very hot when it came out!

Anne and John, Bali Hai, SM319, Licata

From: Alex

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Subject: [Amel] Chain too long to be regalvanized...

Thought I would share my experience.

So yesterday, spend the whole day removing my 2 anchors and

2 chains, bringing my ski boat under, etc.

The longest one at 90 meter (300 ft) which weight 200 kg /

450 LBS. So was prety physical...

Early this morning arrived at K T Galvanizing (in Katy,

Houston, so about 1.5 hours from the Marina) and they told

me my chain was too long for their equipment!!!

But good news, they said I don't need to regalvanized

the chain.

They said easily 10 more years.



Seabrook, Texas, USA

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