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Thanks, Bill.  Nice!

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Kent, they were not rigged when that photo was taken. They are rigged now and work well to raise the dinghy and also the passerelle.

Regarding the weight, it did not seem to make a noticeable difference.


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Hi, Bill,
I don't see any lines for davits.  Is your arch a dinghy davit as well?  If it's not, why didn't you add that capability?  I would like to have davits for most island hopping and anchoring out, but would tie the dink down on the deck for passages.  I was thinking I'd like an arch similar to yours that could be used for both solar panels and davits.  The extra weight aft would certainly make her even more stern-low in the water.
SM 243 Kristy
Brunswick, GA USA

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Your arch looks terrific - good investment I think.

I hope you will still be there on 5th Sept when I'm back in Goçek.


Peter Forbes

07836 209730

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I just posted photos of the Emek Marine solar arch installation which is about 90% complete. 3 X 140 Kyocera panels.

BeBe, SM2k, #387
Gocek, Turkey

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No drawings, just a photograph. The unique design was made by Emek Marine in Turkey. Possibly Emek will sell you enough information to duplicate it, but since the design is unique, I doubt that they will.

Contact: cagdas"at"


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Hi and tks for the suggestion. Do you already have drawings for a SM installation. I'm looking also to have the airgen at the same location. Any suggestion closer to me today (italy)?

Stefano on board N'EVEREST
SM185 in Bocca di Magra

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The best looking design that I have seen is made in Gocek, Turkey. It is a multi-functional solar arch. See the photo at:

If you are in the Med, I suggest you get one in Turkey.

Also, Peter Forbes s/v Carango just had one of these installed and we are getting a version of it for BeBe (SM).

Hope this helps.

BeBe, SM2k, #387
Currently Gocek, Turkey

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Hi everyone.

Has anybody fitted solar panels to their Amel 54 ? I would welcome any thoughts/recommendations. I had two 50W panels on my last boat - an OVNI 435 - and I thought they were the best bit of kit on the boat. The batteries were kept topped up throughout the winter and with 4/5 amps being delivered for most of the day in summer they provided a useful supplement to the other means of charging i.e. the engine.

Tony Robinson - Catriona R Amel 54Â no.102

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Hi Richard,

Mine is 009. And has a 12 battery/12V bank.

Do you have any suggestions regarding inverters, or smart control panels? I am learning from my cabin experience that there are many types.


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Battery size for the later boats is size 31.

Richard Piller

Cell 603 767 5330

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I would like any input on a new battery plan for the A54 I have just started a solar program for a cabin and I have been advised that 6 volt 200 ah Trojans are the way to go for this off grid mountain cabin. The vendor is telling me these are low maintenance and will withstand even -30F temps. It would seem that this might be a good choice for the boat as well? I do not recall the size of the 12V batteries. I searched for a file or link to other posts that would also cover all aspects of the boats electrical system. I would appreciate any suggestions.

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