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Microscopic corrosion on low voltage electronics will kill the item. I have revived, from the dead, about $10,000 worth of electronic gear by coating the electronics, boards, and everything with CorrosionX. Not all of these things were mine. I have 2 working Toshiba laptops on the boat. They are 10 years old. I let the grandkids go crazy with them. Each of these have been coated with CorrosionX. I know it works. I also use it to coat working electronics. I resurrected, from the dead, a 12 volt DC computer 5 years ago by coating all connections like RAM, cables, PC board, processor, etc. with CorrosionX.

This stuff works for all sorts of corrosion. It is not flammable and not conductive, but it increases the conductivity of a switch/circuit. CorrosionX people have a portable TV submerged in a glass tank CorrosionX. It has been on and running for years. CorrosionX was developed to control corrosion on aircraft.

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I've seen a commercial on TV about this product now distributed by RustOleum. It's really impressive on TV. I thought treating electrical and electronic equipment might help prevent corrosion. There's a video on this link showing how to treat your cell phone so it can be dunked in water without damage.

Any thoughts?
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