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Hi Alexandre. I really do not have the specifics on what the original pitch and diameter was and now is.
Geoff did consult with Brunton's in the UK and between them both figured out a profile that would give somewhere between 200 and 400 additional RPM's based upon the performance data I supplied.
I am not sure where you are but if able you should call Geoff on 401.847.7960
He is extremely helpful and knowledgable.
I wish I could give more help other than the common theme that many SM with 78HP TMD22's seem to be over propped.

SV Libby
San Diego

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Is there any way, you would share the info on the H6 auto prop?
Pitch, diameter, etc.

Thanks in advance, sincerely, Alexandre

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To close this thread out.

Greg Prior and David Sheppard (AB Marine and Bruntons
respectively) re-worked our A6 prop based upon the extensive
imperial data we provided.

The prop was installed last week and Libby was off on a 5
day excursion to Catalina Island. Here is my email to Geoff

'Good morning Geoff, I wanted to close the loop with you
on the prop work.

The prop was installed last week by Rick our local diver.

I took Libby on a 5 day excursion to Catalina Island which
turned out to be a 179 mile round trip with no wind!
(motoring there and back)

I am pleased to report that I was easily able to exceed 2000
RPM at cruising speed.

Noted speeds were 7.6 knots at 2500 RPM and WOT 3100 RPM at
9+ knots.

I know this took a little work on everyones part, and I
would like to thank both you for your excellent support and

Terry "

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> Just installed a reconditioned Turbo charger on
Libby's (#196) TMD22. The Turbo was indeed seized solid
as was the waste gate actuator.

> Prior to installing the re-conditioned unit we noted
that the highest RPM we could achieve was 2000. This gave us
a boat speed of aprox 6-7 knots depending on conditions. We
have the factory feathering Auto prop installed.

> Having read the associated threads on this forum I
fully expected post installation of the refurbished unit to
achieve upwards of 2800 RPM and an increase in top end boat

> Alas, not the case.

> From a standing start the engine will rev up to 2300
RPM until the feathering prop builds it maximum thrust and
the RPM's drop down the 2000 RPM and 6-7 knots of


> I would like to know if I am missing something here
with respect to my expectations.

> Can anyone offer up some wisdom?


> Terry&Dena

> SV Libby #196

> San Diego


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