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Alexandre, here is what I paid.

On visual inspection It does need a new bearing kit. All 3-blades bearings are worn & the blades loose on the hub.
Cost for Bearing Kit - $851.83. Includes new bearings, Tamper proof plugs, Tab Washers, Expanding nut & bolt, zinc & shaft nut Locking Bolt & VC-3.
Labour for Bearing replacement & pitch change - $367.50.
Total - $1219.33

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Thanks Dena and ? Islandboy for the info!
More and more it seems the new prop wil lbe required...

Just out of curiosity, how much was the total work on the H6 Auto Prop?

Sincerely, Alexandre

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My two cents worth after exhaustive analysis of low
max RPM's.

Dena and I have owned Libby #196 for 18 months.

We were never able to get more that 2000 RPM's @ 6.5
knots out of the TMD22 with an H6 AutoProp.

Replaced the Turbo, checked engine and transmission RPM with
optical Tach at 100RPM intervals both stationary at the dock
and sea trial.

Cleaned exhaust elbow, checked fuel system, and a host of
other suggestions as noted in my thread.

Consulted with AB Marine and Bruntons and provided tons of
empirical data.

David Sheppard provided Geoff Prior of AB Marine a new
profile for the Prop.

Prop also received a full service including new bearings.

Prop was re-fitted last week.

New results.

Max RPM's 3000 @ 9 Knots+

2500 RPM's @ 7.5knots

Very happy that I can now run the TMD22 at a point where the
Turbo is actually working.

Not sure why the H6 was pitched that way it was and supplied
to Amel.

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> Straight forward question:


> If you have or have had a Volvo TMD22 in your Super
Maramu, what is the max RPM you ever achieved with the max
prop fitted? The more responses the better!


> Graham

> SM 140 Sula

> Hong Kong


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