headliner instructions

bobparry1947 <bob@...>

Dear Joel,

Many thanks for taking the time to give us such comprehensive
directions for repairung the headliner. Sounds like an onerous task.
We don't recall seeing any paint 'n' paper shops in Tunisia but I dare
say they are around somewhere. We have already spent hours tramping
the streets of the commercial part of Tunis looking for 24 v halogen
bulbs for our tricolour and anchor light and a new circuit breaker
(success for the first item but not the second),among other things.
Also, it is interesting making ourselves understood as our Arabic is
non-existent and the French we learnt at school over 40 years ago
leaves us somewhat short but people are really helpful.

Many thanks once again,
Bob and Ann Parry
SM#33 Nowornot

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