MLR Valsat 03 GPS

Amel Salvagny

I am currently updating the electronics in my Santorin 1993 and have taken out the quite well-known Valsat 03 GPS from MLR Electronique.

The GPS was functioning perfectly when dismounted and is complete with mount, screws and original manual in French. The only thing I have not managed to save is the antenna. So the unit is without antenna.

If you need this GPS for your Amel yacht - probably to exchange it with a faulty unit - then drop me a line.

The MLR Valsat 03 is located in Denmark and weighs probably 1-2 kilo. I am willing to give it away but must have all costs covered - packing, postage and delivering to the post office. Postage will depend on your location.

Best regards,
Lars Knudsen
Santorin Salvagny
#79, Copenhagen, Denmark

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