Water Pump Impeller Puller for Yanmar & Onan

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

1 Feb 2005

I previously mentioned on this forum that I had fabricated a tool to
make the job of pulling out the water pump impeller easier. I have
uploaded a picture of the device to the photos section. It is
relatively easy to fabricate. I can make these for $35 US and would
be willing to have a bunch made up if anyone is interested. Or feel
fee to use the concept and make your own. I used stainless steel
for the "jaws" but the basic locking pliers are plated mild steel
and can rust so precautions need to be taken to prevent that. After
each use I rinse mine in fresh water and treat it with Boeshield.
The great thing about this tool is that it does not damage the
impeller in any way nor does it mar the pump housing. Since it
locks in place on the hub of the impeller it won't slip off and skin
your knuckles (after having done that a few times I was so mad I
decided to build this tool).

If interested email me at AgCEagle@comcast.net

Price $35.00 US plus shipping.

Regards, Gary Silver SM #335

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