Circuit Breaker

fruehaufp <fruehaufps@...>

Hello all,

I purchased a 1998 Amel Super Maramu last year. I am upgrading the
battery charger and need a 25 amp breaker. I would like to add the
same type of breaker that is currently on the boat. I have been
unable to find a replacement and I thought someone might be able to
help me identify the manufacturer. The existing breakers
have "diruptor CE – made in France – ref 72222/104" on the side. On
the end the breakers have what appears to be "E P". The "E" looks
more like a lower case epsilon. On the front the breakers have a
large green on switch and small red off switch. Does anyone know
where I can get this type of breaker? I tried Wards Marine in
Florida, but they did not recognize the brand. I also did an
internet search and did not find anything.

Best regards,

Paul Fruehauf – "Faraway Eyes" – SM 215

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