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Regarding your fuel gauge stick, I ordered a replacement from Maud at Amel ( and I came rather quickly by Federal Express in a long tube. Reference you model and hull number in your email.

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We are heading to the boat in early October after a trip to visit my future father in law in Budapest.

Since my Marina is in the middle of NoWhere Virginia with virtually no stores in close driving distance I am putting together a list of jobs big and small.
Bob Rossi – put together an excellent list and I am using that as a base, just want to get some other ideas and suggestions as I went along. The bow thruster seals were done when I bought the boat.
Here is my todo list

Replace anemometer bearing

Change Engine Oil

Replace hose attached to thermostat housing

Has Anybody replaced the Drain Plug for the Engine coolant with a Valve of some kind. Changing the fluid is a real mess and I would think a valve there of some kind would be useful as I could just attach a hose to a barb fitting on the end when I drained it next time?

I am missing the "stick" that goes in the fuel filler – any ideas on replacement

Open the genoa furler gear/motor case and grease it - Suggestion on a grease people like…anybody think INOX MX4 or INOX 8 is overkill…

I read that some have put a zerk fitting, I can only find stainless one and can't find aluminum. (housing is aluminum) Any suggestion on a source.?

I am replacing the batteries - going to replace with exactly the same size and brand that is currently in the boat

Anybody know what t model the PSA is on the Santorin. I know it is a Motorola - which model.

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