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Alan Leslie

Hi Danny, thanks for your thoughts, I have been careful with the engine load by bringing the throttle up until the engine doesn't rev anymore and then backing off.
I'll clean the prop next.

Where are you now ? Vanuatu ?
I've left Elyse in Vila again and will be back in 5 weeks to go to New Cal and then to NZ.


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Hi Alan, all us owners of TMD22 Volvos are grateful to you, its not just our volvo. If you have been stationary for any time in the 4 months since the clean your prop will be dirty and as Joel Potter has eloquently explained any fouling affects the pitch of the prop, it can only work effectively clean. Black smoke often is caused by overloading, dirty prop=wrong pitch=possible overload. If it is low revs caused by wrong pitch caused by fouling that 100hp Yanmar is putting an awful lot of load on your gearbox and transmission as it tries to get up to revs, like driving a car with the brakes on

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we too have the same issue with Yanmar 100hp

It will go to 1900/2000 rpm no problem and in slight seas maybe 2200, but no more...

It is possible that the autoprop is dirty ..hasn't been cleaned for 4 months...and we also have the issue of black smoke (don't see it) that fouls the hull, and is a devil to get off.

We motored 50+ hours on our last passage and the black stain is still there despite lots of cleaning....

In my experience...black smoke = fouled injectors, dirty air filter....or over pitched prop....I 'm sure I don't have the first two...but I don't understand how an autoprop can be over pitched..????



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Hi all, Miles, is correct and yes 2800 is what we get at full that is Amels settings. Should you be Having problems getting there they can be many fold. Most of them come from well minded persons who do or may not understand our yachts.
A good service person will collect facts first then sort out issues.
Running the boat at the dock is not a suggested means of testing the engine/prop. You need to have the boat underway.
On "older" boats ck for air and pressure leaks in the fuel system especially if you've have done work on the injection system. Air leaks can and do occur before you get fuel leaks. Keep it simple first.
Good luck to ALL

Capt Richard Piller
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Good afternoon MIle,

I agree this is hard to believe the Super Maramu could not exceed 2200 rpm out of the factory...

Were you ever able to reach 2800 rpm?

Last november had antifooling done and prop clean, tied at the dock the engine would reach 2500 rpm, but only 2200 rpm at sea...
2 weeks ago, I cleaned the turbo, prop was cleaned (not the hull) same thing: 2500 rpm tied to the dock and only 2200 rpm at sea...

Seems to be the same for so many people...
What do we do wrong?


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Hello all,

I think that you will find that the boat is not "over
propped as it came

from Amel. Someone who says it is does not understand the

I bought my Super Maramu new in 1998 and Amel explained that
the engine and

prop were set to give the boat a maximum RPM of 2800 and
push the boat at

hull speed which is about 8 knots depending on sea
conditions. The idea of

governing the engine to less than its maximum rpms is to
move down the

torque curve and take advantage of the auto-prop self
adjusting ability and

increase mileage and reduce noise. I am now having
mysterious problems with

the engine which may be related to the high pressure fuel
pump. If the

motor is running as it should (a big if), and the prop is
clean with smooth

bearings, it should run up to 2800 if the boat bottom is
very clean.

Beware of shops that tell you otherwise and then charge you
for unnecessary


Miles (sm 216 Ladybug, Newport, RI)

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