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You will probably never need the bearings for the lower unit on the bow
thruster. If you do they are standard metric bearings.

However there is a shaft that connects to the prop in the bowthruster that
you might want to have, it is available only from amel and is mae of some
sort of fiberglass type material.

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There is no problem to write in english to Maud.

S/Y Lady Annila
SM232 in Portugal, prepairing to cross the Atlantic

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Thanks for the info John, I do feel bad asking for part dimensions and not
order these from Amel. But on the other hand will admit I still have not
digested the fact Amel (Martinique) charged me 462 Euro last November (which
was about $600) for the Jabsco electric toilet pump, while I later find
these for $250. I understand they need to make profit, but this is greed...
Thanks again, sill contact Maud (in French), if the price are too high,
will try in English!!!
Have a great evening, Alexandre

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Subject: [Amel] Re: Bearing sizes for Bow Thruster?
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Hi Alexandre. I ordered a set of bow thruster
seals from Maud by emailing her at Amelsav@...
<> Of
course, you may write to her in french. Just tell her your
hull number and she will give you a price. I did not get
bearings from her, but I imagine she could help with that as

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"Alex" <uster@...> wrote:

Does any one know for sure the bearing sizes for the
bow thruster?

I want to stock on spare parts.
Thanks in advance.
Sincerely, Alexandre
Seabrook, Texas, USA

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