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Kent Robertson

I was told by Amel that there was  no fuel filter in the fuel tank itself on SM 243.  There are baffles that would make it hard to really clean the tank completely without taking it apart.  I routinely suck some fuel from the bottom of the tank with a dedicated hand pump and piece of pvc pipe and into a clear jar, wait a few hours for things to settle.  I have been amazed to not find any particulate matter or water in my fuel.  I change my fuel filters once a year, but there is never any evidence that they are removing anything from the fuel.  I don't even check the fuel before it goes into the tank unless I'm at a questionable fuel dock in some out of the way place.  Even when I am suspicious and have the dockmaster pump some fuel into a clear container and let it settle, I've never seen anything that made me want to filter the fuel before it went into my tank.  I routinely treat all fuel with a biocide and a stabilizer when ever I refuel.
Am I just lucky, or is this most people's experience?

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Sent: Friday, August 30, 2013 10:11 AM
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Hello MIles,

So you are saying, at sea (not at tied to the dock) you can now go 2800 rpm???
And the problem was just a fuel delivery issue?
That's a great news!!!
Congratulations, great help for all of us!
Sincerely, Alexandre

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Subject: [Amel] Re: Volvo Penta TMD22 Low RPM
Date: Friday, August 30, 2013, 8:57 AM


Thanks to everyone for your concern and advice.
Yesterday the mechanic

replaced the racor and the fuel lines and this fixed the
problem. I have my

boat back after several months of anguish. Now the problem
is to find out

why fuel lines the are sitting under 160 gallons of fuel
should have

negative pressure-maybe a clog in the bottom of the fuel
tank or the copper

line to the racor? This is not difficult to find and fix
and in the

meantime the boat runs up smoothly to 2800 all the time.

Miles (SM 216, Ladybug, Newport, RI)

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