Re: The New Yahoo Group format will have a big impact on our group

Jose_Luis Isasi

Hi Bill,

If you click on messages. You will see the magnifying glass.
In topics you cannot see it.
I am also discovering this new GUI!


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That is the old format with the rectangle box and magnifying glass...the new format, which they are rolling out in selective areas around the world, does not have the search feature.

You will see what I am talking about in a few days.

Bill BeBe 

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Hi Bill

There is a search function, I found it yesterday. It is a big empty square with a magnifying glas, type your search word. And then you can choose to search within the group or on the web.

It looks a bit different on a PC than on an iPad.


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2 sep 2013 kl. 08:21 skrev yahoogroups@... :

> The New Yahoo Group format has popped up for me when I go to Amel Owner's Group. I have all sorts of issues with this. For instance, I have a photo of the Onan exhaust fan label that I wanted to upload to the appropriate album in Photos. I could not! We can no longer look for, or find a particular photo album, and the only index for photos is latest first or oldest first. Nor can you find a particular photo. Also, there is no longer a search feature in Messages. Am I missing something? Bill BeBe



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