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Dear Rudy,

In twenty five years of selling and servicing Amels, I have never

seen a head discharge through hull leak. There is a first time

for everything. The way I tracked down problems like this in the

past was to use talcum/body powder. Dust on a heavy layer around

where the water collects. When the leak comes, the "trails" point

at the direction from which they emanate.

To check on the rudder shaft, take up the bedding and open the

cushion supports in the aft cabin. Have another person power

the boat at full speed (8+++ knots) for a few minutes. Look at

the shaft seal. If it will ever leak it will do it then as the

stern is now very deep in the water and the pressure is the


Good luck,

Joel F. Potter, SM # 400 "MARY BROWN"

Hi Joel,
Thanks for the advise.
I have observed the leak while in port over one week, using shower
and toilet frequently, nothing happened. So I do believe that it
should not be from that side and most probably from the rudder

shaft. Only one thing I take also in consideration is that, that I
have the feeling to have detected a small crack at the place were the
toilet outlet is going trough the shell (maybe only in the paint).
Do you think, this may could be a possibility too, as this hole is

slightly above water level when idle, but well in water when sailing
on bordside?

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"Joel F. Potter" <> wrote:

Hi Rudy,

I have SM #400 and had a similar experience.

First, be absolutely sure it is salt water.

I say this because on my previous

Super Maramu, I had a small leak in the hose from the

shower sump. The water tasted salty but it was actually

soap residue and other funky bilge residue. If it is

salt, it can come from three places, the portholes and

hatches, the salt water feed to the toilet, or the rudder

stuffing box/shaft gland. The last is unlikely and will be

obvious by a salt water residue trail from the rudder shaft

forward. It's probably the salt water feed to the toilet.

That's what it was with my boat.

Good luck,
Joel F. Potter SM# 400, MARY BROWN

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