Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Waterleak

Ian Shepherd <g4ljf@...>

Hi Rudy,

It is also possible that if you have a rudder post leak, it may only show
when the boat is sailing as the underside of the hull at the stern is
effectively lower in the water.

If you trace the leak to the post stuffing box, it is not necessarily true
that you will have to haul the boat and restuff the gland. Amel told me that
when a leak is first noticed from the post, then you should remove the
locking flange and tighten the large nut under the quadrant by one flat at a
time till the leak stops.

I have to say that in 33,000 nms of sailing my Amel's, I have never had a
salt water leak. What has happened from time to time is that water leaks
from the fridge drain and runs under the companion way steps to the battery
compartment whilst heeled to starboard. This is noticeable when the carpet
gets wet near the battery master switches.
Other than that, she is a wonderfully dry boat.

Good luck

Ian Shepherd SM's 299 & 414 "Crusader"


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