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I wasn't able to find any picture of the safety line in correct position, hany one have? Tks

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Il giorno 04/set/2013, alle ore 04:52, Dennis Johns <sbmesasailor@...> ha scritto:

I have to agree with Miles as the jacklines should be taut. If not, with the length of a tether and the slack of the jackline, a person going overboard will become wholly dragged through the water making it extremely difficult to get back on board without help and if knocked unconscious may even drown.

We have our forward jacklines (all of which are web) run from the port and starboard bow cleats to the port and starboard dodger supports at the cockpit. The aft jacklines run from the port and starboard stern cleats to the mizzen shroud turnbuckles. All are tight when dry and just a little loose when wet but do not present a slip or trip hazard at any time. And yes you do have to unclip and reclip to go from aft to forward but this occurs at the cockpit where you can do it quite safely.

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