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The adjustment to the bow thruster is quite simple. Observe the unit
going up and down and you will notice that there is a triangle shaped
piece of metal riding up and down a metal rod. This triangle shaped
probe pushes the cut off switch of the bow thruster. By using an
allen wrench and making minute adjustments you can get a good seal on
the unit.

Good Luck


Wanderer ASM # 283

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Hi Dimitris,
I had the same problem with SM#331. Under passage to Isla Mujeres
with contrary winds and current, I was forced to motor-sail into a
short steep sea for several days. I was horrified to find 6 inches
of salt water in the floor space adjacent to the forward head. I
tracked this down to the bow-thruster seals. The bowthruster
retaining pin was in place but each time the bow pitched down, a
small quantity of water would squirt past the upper seal. I
the upper seals (the original seals looked fine) while at anchor in
Mexico but it did not solve the problem. I found it was still
necessary to bail the water daily from the floor space into the
shower sump when under passage. When I arrived in Raiatea in French
Polynesia, I had "DoodleBug" hauled and while on the hard,
the lower seals were replaced. The technician told me that the seal
design only works when the lower seals are compressed. He adjusted
position of the drive unit upwards to compress the newly installed
lower seals. The bowthruster "door" no longer fits flush in
the hull
as before – it is indented by maybe 3/16ths. inch but the rate of
leakage has dropped dramatically. The bowthruster will still leak
slightly as the bow pitches, when for example, we are sailing close-
hauled into rough seas but it is now sponge work instead of bailing
bucket work. As you pointed out, it is a really good idea to check
floor spaces on a long passage. Hope this info helps.

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Dear All,

I am very happy with my SM but you have to be prepared for a
problem I faced
with the bowthruster.

I found out sea water ( and it was sea water) in the compartment
between the
forward cabin out side of the forward bathroom. When I was
windward I noticed more and more water. I tried to find out from
where the
water was coming. I thought that the water was coming in from the
meter ( I have the Raymarine instruments) . When sailing to
windward with
high seas I always put the safety pin in the bowthruster but
was still
water. So after trying to find out from where the water was
when I
was sailing with a friend I opened the bowthruster leather
coverage and the
wood floors to find out . As there were big waves I noticed that
with every
wave water was coming in the boat from the bowthruster flange,
even with the
safety pin there was water coming in. I was terryfied but you
always feel
better when you locate the problem at least you know the weak
point. As the
boat is now out of the water I removed the bowthruster in order
the oil and found out with surprise that under the sponge flanch
in the boat
there is also a plastic ring with metal the same as in the
propeller to
prevent the water to come in the boat this ring is held in place
with two
small wooden screws. This plastic ring was dry and propably
damaged and that
was the reason that the water was coming in the boat. I think
all Amel
owners have to take a note on that and change this ring whenever
they find
water in the forward part of the boat. I plan to install a small
bilge pump
in the depthsounder compartment in case I have again the problem.
I could
not find any description of this in the manual so I believe that
you should
take care of that.

Also be aware as it can become dangerous in an long ocean

Best Regards

SM Alma Libre
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