Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Water Leaks - Emergency Bilge Pump

Geoffrey Tyers <geoffrey_tyers@...>

Just a thought, The engin driven sea water pump will fail if run dry , which could happen if the action of the pump is not carefully watched, and the last thing you need in such conditions is a failed engin,

Edson make a shaft driven high capacity pump which might help if the wayer is getting deep in the engin room.
There is an article in this months "Blue Water Sailing" Magazine on just this subject

Geoff Tyers s.v."Lionheart" Sharki #127

"Paul S. Fruehauf" <> wrote:
To all,

As I mentioned in my last note my boat is new to me and I have many
questions about how to best equip the boat. We plan to do some extended
cruising this year and next. I have found the archives of this group to
be very helpful.

The discussion on bow thruster leaks reminded me of a modification I
have been considering making on my boat. I attended a seminar on
off-shore sailing and the speaker (Roger Marshall) strongly recommended
some sort of emergency bilge pump be available. I believe he mentioned
that some sort of engine driven pump is a good option. I researched
this further and found an article that suggests using the engine raw
water pump. I am considering adding a Y valve between the sea chest and
the pump inlet along with a hose and strainer that will draw from the
bilge. Has anyone done this? Has anyone come up with other solutions?
A problem with the above modification is that does not help if there is
a leak in the front, main or aft compartment. One idea would be to rig
a DC motor with pump and hoses that could be used anywhere. Lastly,
perhaps in an Amel the need for an emergency pump is less urgent because
of the water tight compartments. Any help on this topic will be greatly

Best regards,

Paul S. Fruehauf "Faraway Eyes" SM 215

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