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do I understand you correctly that you did not repair the finish,  you just removed all the loose chips?


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Had the same problem!
After much discussions and discovering that what was peeling was not paint but finish resin, I had all chips removed and, after a torought washing, with acetone and rinsing with chlorinated water, I filled the tank, let the water stand for a few days  and another pump out (using, in order to preserve my Flojet fresh water pump, for all these  pump outs and rinsing a powerful multi-usage and reversible 220 vac spare and emergency pump) the tank had no more chips or signs of mildew.
There is still a very slight plastic taste ( the tank is 28 year old) and i do a rinse-out every year, since I leave the boat for more than 6 months - tank filled...
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In the process of power washing our water tanks, we found that the paint is chipping off in a number of areas.  Does anyone have experience with patching the chips?  I have no interest in recoating the whole tanks.

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