Re: Jib Halyard Clutch

Alan Leslie

Hi Andrew,


Just saw your message.

I'm doing exactly the same thing.

Elyse has a staysail on an inner forestay (factory fitted) and the halyard goes through a clutch on the main mast.

I'm going to put a Spinlock clutch next to it for the genoa halyard so the winch can be used.

Plan is to put two rivet nuts in the mast and bolt the clutch to them.

Won't be doing it until next month as Elyse is in Vanuatu and I'm in Australia :-(



Elyse SM2K #437


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I was thinking of having a Jib halyard clutch fitted to the main mast to free up the main winch on that side - like the mizzen halyard. Does anyone have any experience doing this or know of any problems with this.


Ronpische, SM472
Port Leucate

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