Water leaks-emergency bilge pump

John and Anne on Bali Hai <hollamby@...>

My first Oyster 435 was severely damaged in Hurricane Bob in 1991 in
Newport,Rhode Island.Unfortunately it did not sink as that would
have simplified the insurance claim and saved me nearly two years of
aggravation. If I had had a high output automatic bilge pump it
would have saved the engine etc PERHAPS because....
The boat dragged its mooring across the harbour and ended up
crashing on a pontoon and pile which holed the hull near the
toerail.The ingress of sea water coupled with the fact that the
crashing and the water opened drawers and lockers releasing paper
towels,toilet paper etc and the resulting papier mashe would almost
certainly have clogged any bilge pump.
Perhaps the moral is to have a high output elecric pump and auto
switch permanently secured and plumbed in the engine room and never
to leave paper towels etc anywhere where they could break loose in
such an event.

Best wishes, Anne and John

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