Re: [Amel] Dolphin 24V 100amp charger

Martin <yachtcaduceus@...>

If it is any help to the discussion the following is my experience with the Dolphin 100Amp charger.

Last year I got to the stage where the charger would only work for 5-10 minutes before cutting out with an over heating warning. The cooling fan had failed. The US agent supplied me with a replacement yest to be fitted. Whilst organising the official high volume version I obtained and fitted a suitable sized 24v fan from a local electronics store. This does not have the volume rating of the correct version but has been working fine for the last 12 months and I have had no recurrence of the problem.

The problem I faced in looking at replacing the charger was finding one that will fit in the available space. The latest Dolphin Charger is taller and with the fan entrance in a different place. Does anyone have a solution to this.

In respect of the 30 Amp charger fitted to the AMEL 54. This is switchable, with an internal jumper, from 220 to 110 volts. Somewhere along the way we must have started the 220v generator with this switched to 110v. The result is that it only produces 2-3 amps max. I am in the process of replacing it with a Mastervolt ChargeMaster 24v/30A-3 unit which has the safety feature of automatic input selection and is of a size that should fit the space vacated by the Dolphin 30Amp unit.

Martin Bevan
AMEL 54 #56 Caduceus
Currently in Norfolk, Virginia, USA

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