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Walter Lundstrom <WalterL@...>

We had exactly the same problems on our 2002 SMM. It started after we
snagged the bow thruster on a mooring lint. Amel was pretty sure it was the
brushes, and the sent us a new motor because it was still under warranty.
However, extra brushes are usually included in the standard spare parts that
comes with the boat, and there should be some instructions in the manual or
send an email to Amel.

Walter Lundstrom
Ex. Owner LINNEA
Hull no. 366

After that, we were p

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Bow Thruster Lift Motor

I am currently sailing on SPIRIT GUIDE, a 2002 Super Maramu #348 (ex-
CHANCE), owed by Matthew and Lori Moore. We have just started experiencing
a problem with the drop and lift motor of the bow thruster. The bow
thruster won't go down by itself after operating the cockpit switch unless
we give the lift motor/electrical box a sharp tap then it operates as usual.
It also sticks in the down position. We have checked all the wire terminals
in the attached control box and believe all the wires to be OK and the
connections good. The motor itself seems to require special tools to check
the brushes.

We suspect either the motor brushes or relay in the control box to be the

Has anyone else expirienced this type of problem?

Steve Leeds
Sharki #121

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