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Hi Bob
I have replaced mine by a Mastervolt 100 Amp. To my opinion and experience a capacity of 60 amp is too small. The benefit of splitting 100 amp into 2x50 is that when you are connected to a pontoon which cannot take a big electrical load you can avoid trigging the pontoon circuit breaker by using only one charger. Personally I prefer to use the 100 amp and regulate the charger through the Mastervolt charger from 0 to 100 amp. This regulator is not provided with the charger and has to be purshased separately. You will find all the information on Mastervolt web site

With best regards

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From: minaxi53 <>
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Battery Charger
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2005 00:42:24 -0000

I need to replace the original battery chargeron Minaxi SM 6, one of
the 1st. It only had one 30amp charger, the newer boats I believe
have two. Can anyone advise me if two really are better than one and
is there an American make obtainable here in the USA or should I go
back to Amel and have 1 or 2 shipped over?

to Vito wherever you are.


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