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        Some years ago I went to the trouble of finding a stainless steel tube the same size as the oil seals, 63mm sticks in my head but I am not certain.

I got a machine shop to make me a ring to slide on the outside of the tube and tapped three grub screws into the outer edge of the ring so that it will fix where ever I slide it on the tube.

By adjusting the ring to determine the depth of each oil seal  I slide the tube over the prop shaft and using a couple of large washers placed on the end of the tube I screw the propeller nut back on and gently insert the oil seals as the tube moves forward to the predetermined depth with no damage.

For removing old oil seals I use an ice pick bent at 90 degrees and a pair of 90 degree pliers.



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I do the same as Bill. Drill small holes and wind in self tapping screws then extract with a pair of pliers. One caveat though. It is easy to burr the prop shaft with the chuck of your drill so use a longer than normal drill bit to avoid this.

Since replacing the Amel bush with a replica made of stainless, my seals have been in place for 4.5 years with no signs of wear or leakage. Some say you shouldn't put stainless on stainless but I have found no problem having assembled the bush to prop shaft with plenty of Corrosion Block anti corrosion grease. Sleeving the old bush with stainless is probably a better way.

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What is the best method to remove the old main prop seals on 1998 SM?

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