Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Battery Charger

Paul S. Fruehauf <fruehaufps@...>


I have purchased a Mastervolt 24/100 charger ($2000.00) with remote
control panel that allows for adjustment of the power output. I have
not installed it yet. I plan to keep the existing NEMO 50 amp charger
as a backup and as a 110 volt charger in case I end up somewhere that I
can't get access to 220 volt power. The NEMO has an internal jumper
that switches the unit between 230V and 115V power. The boat is
currently on the hard and the only power is 115V.

I considered purchasing two Dolphin 50 amp SM2450-3 D chargers. They
are made in France. They have some nice features, including a winter
storage and desulphation program. I did not select these because they
are new models and I was concerned that they might not work well in

Paul S. Fruehauf "Faraway Eyes" SM 215

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