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I would have done white, but they said that black had better UV resistance. So it will last longer.

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Hi Jason

Thanks a lot for the pics. it looks really good but i would like to have it in white. I also saw that they offer a net also in white.

thanks again for the pics


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Ok, more pics are up.  

When I ordered I was not sure what the # values meant. This is just how net manufacturers size their nets.  #60 translates to 3.5 mm netting.  Plenty big in my opinion.  I think they do also offer up to 4mm, 

If you check out the pictures section you will see that the net has a strong rope surround that holds everything together.  The quality of the rope is impressive.  

If you have any other questions I will try to answer them.

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I put one pic in the photos section. I will take few more to give an idea of build quality.

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dear jason

i realy would like to know how it comes out and what kind of net you have ordered. we have two small children and really need a net on the boat.
it would be great if you cuold post more information and maybe a pic.

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Finally found a perfect and inexpensive place to get safety netting for boats. A site They sell netting for different sports, but make custom sizes. I got 2'x 120'. Of #60(size) baseball/softball net. I knew it would be too long, but I like the excess for future repairs. Stuff comes with a strong perimeter line surrounding the net so you can pull it very tight. Anyways. Took me a while to find something good. Thought I would share. I will try to post a pic of the finished product if I can figure out how to do that;-) Jason Pao San #88

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