Perplexing leak

westley_mike <westley_mike@...>

Resolute is a 1983 Amel Maramu. I accumulate fresh water at the
forward port side of the engine compartment. There is a slow
trickle from the lower part of the 4inch plastic ring that connects
a pipe that runs athwarthships from the side of the engine room to
the bilge. I slid the pipe from the ring and can neither see nor
feel anything obvious.

There are no visibile out board leaks. The fresh water pump area
and the water heater which has been replaced is dry as is forward in
the liferaft locker. I've wondered if there is a slow leak from one
of the copper fresh water pipes which I cannot access. I've
isolated 3 of 6, and still have slow leak, bilge pump cycles once
every 2-3 day. I plan to continue to isolate those pipes to see if
I can isolate the leak. Any ideas for source and repair?

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