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Halidun Karagoz

Hi Dimitris,
I had similar problems with the Bamar furler, and it was repaired by the Bamar service in Marmaris, out of warranty. Also the electronic control box of this furler was very problematic, and despite many replacements, I still can not use the control box (instead I'm using the EM box).
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From: Dimitris Krassopoulos
To: amelyachtowners@...
Sent: Wednesday, October 9, 2013 12:02 PM
Subject: [Amel] Bamar Genoa Furling
I have the Amel 54 delivered new on May 2011 with the Bamar furler 2.02 for the genoa. I heard a strange noise and opened the front cover and I found out that there was a lot of brass particles which according to my knowledge means that the gear is starting to be damaged  by the forces of the genoa. After cleaning the gear I put new lithium grease and I contacted Amel. Amel has informed Bamar and after an exchange of e-mails they both decided that the furler is out of warranty and Amel offered to pay 50% of the freight to Bamar for assessment of the damage and repair with payment if it is possible.
I would like to know from other Amel 54 sailors if they have similar problems with the Bamar genoa furler as for me is unacceptable that Amel uses such a problematic furler. On my SM2000 I never had a problem with the Amel build genoa furler.
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