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I do not remember which one we used, but it needs to have 3 features:
  1. Flexible
  2. Sandable
  3. Paintable

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We used 291, but others could do as long as you can sand and paint it


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What sikaflex did you use there seems to be a dozen products.

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We renovated ours.

Sanded, filled small cracks with sicaflex and took a part of a flat fender to mend a bigger hole. Then we painted with a rubber paint from Ovatrol. Our bumper became as new.



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Hi Vite try sanding and painting it. That is a very costly part from Amel. 


Richard Piller


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Hello All:

Tried to search for this topic - no luck. We're thinking about replacing the rear bumper on our SM 215. Any tips on buying this from Amel or ?

Thankful for all tips.




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