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hi stephnie,
me and my family arrived in Miami last june. Before our arriving I kept in touch Joel because I needed the same technical survey on my amel and joel answered to me the attached mail (his response is in red letters!). After I decided to push back the works and I stopped  in  Miami (where we are now) .
hoping it could be some interest for you
fair winds
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Hello Allessandro, the answers you require are imbedded in the request you sent to me. Sorry about the delay but this office is a sales office for Amel. We are happy to help as we can with non-sales related questions but only as we are able to based on time available to us. We are short handed due to illness in the family.
Hi Joel,
Do you remember me?  Yes I do.
Me and my family are sailing towards miami and we're planning to arrive at the end of May. I have a reservation in south beach marina but I need to check the boat before to mooring in the marina.
We have the return fly to Italy the 10th of june so I'm here asking you the following:
From bahams we could arrive straight on fort lauderdale if you shoud suggest a nice marina to spend the ten days before living back in Italy You can contact Bahia Mar Marina at 800 775 9558. There are several marinas on this web site. Stay only at Bahia Mar.
You can also contact the Dockmaster for the City of Fort Lauderdale for less expensive but still nice docks. You ONLY want to stay at the Las Olas marina  or 954 828 7200.
then we will return in Miami the 19th of August (our daughter will attend preschool in st john montessori...what do you think about???) I have no children so I know little about this. Montessori is known as a more leftist/socialist type of very liberal program to most people
. During our absence we can organize the work on GRAND CRU ( amel supermaramu #443)The best yard in Lauderdale and one of the best anywhere and one very familiar with Amel boats is Lauderdale Marine 954 713 0333. This is where I take my Amel 54. You will need a caretaker you will pay to check on the boat as it is worked on as all the different tradesworkers are independent of the yard itself. In reality, it still costs less to do it this way than to go to the other yards that do all the work themselves. In both cases you need a caretaker as it is unwise to leave your boat for work without someone to supervise the process. You can contact Steve Leeds who works on Amel boats after sailing his family around the world in his Amel boat. I gain nothing from Steve doing anything for you, he is independent of our operation. If you like him, choose him as he does have some experience. Steve 954 608 1551 www.circumnavigators@.... This yard also has less expensive storage dockage that also allows living on the boat. You could leave the boat there until you return.

. pick up from water and to do antifouling
. Check the boat 
.solve the problem for shore power: we use 50hertz!!!! If your boat is as Amel made it with the same battery chargers and airconditioners, the chargers and the airconditioners will work on 50 or 60 cycle just fine. I have thirty years of Amels coming here, this is absolutely true. You cannot run the clothes washing machine but they will have nice big ones at the marinas, and you can’t use the watermaker (no need) and you can’t use the microwave on 60 cycle, you will need to run the gen set to do so. Same thing for the dishwasher. You will probably need Steve to get you an adapter for your shore power plug. It is too expensive and problematic to convert 60 to 50. Nobody with an Amel in over thirty years has done so. Nobody. Just follow the rules above and you will be fine.

I also wish to meet the sailmaker to show him something concerning new sails. Cal Peter Grimm 954 763 6621 and he will be happy to meet you. He is a good man.
My US mobile 7874626790

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I hope this is helpful for you. Let me know when and where you will go.
All the Best, Joel

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 Hi All!
Hope this finds you all enjoying fair winds and following seas!
I need a reference for a marine surveyor, familiar with AMELs, and located in the
Fort Lauderdale/Miami/ So.FL geographic area to do a technical survey on our AMEL. 
I had asked Joel a few days ago but I am sure he must be very busy at the Annapolis
 Boat Shw, preferably not just showing AMELs but taking orders!
Many thanks!

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