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Paul also did our sharki very professional

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Hello Stephanie,

Joel Potter suggested we use Paul Anstey for our Maramu and he did a great job for us. I believe he has done hundreds of Amels and went right to everything on his extensive list teaching and showing us as he  went along.

We are planning to have him come again to Fort Lauderdale when the last things have been finished so our insurance company can raise the insured value. His contact info is 954-270-1949 and panstey@....

Welcome to the "family",

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 Hi All!
Hope this finds you all enjoying fair winds and following seas!
I need a reference for a marine surveyor, familiar with AMELs, and located in the
Fort Lauderdale/Miami/ So.FL geographic area to do a technical survey on our AMEL. 
I had asked Joel a few days ago but I am sure he must be very busy at the Annapolis
 Boat Shw, preferably not just showing AMELs but taking orders!
Many thanks!

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