Re: [Amel] Imray Vs British Admiralty charts for the caribbean?

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I think you may find Imray better in the Caribbean...seems to have more detail, more information and, to me, Imray color charts are easier to read.


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beside our plotter we use Imray charts, because they show more details close to the Islands.
We found the Guides from Chris Doyle "Leewards" and "Windwards Inslands" very useful.

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In prevision of my trip, I am purchasing paper charts.  I have NGA and Britisth admirlaty for the Bahamas. 

For the caribbean I sample for a couple of island Imray and British Admiralty.  I tend to prefer British Admiralty which are more expensive, can I have opinion of the forum on which ones they prefer and why, and what other books, etc. they used.  Thanks in advance, sincerely, Alexandre



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