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Congratulations and welcome to the family Tadeja and Herbert.
Brunswick GA USA

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Hello to all,

we are new to this group, we joined some days ago and after reading hundreds of messages (great information!) we try our first post :-)

this year we bought our Amel Santorin #120 "Kali Mera" in croatia. we plan to spend a year on the boat in 2014 and are preparing her now for this "adventure" - and because it is our first Amel a lot of questions pop up...

the previous owner equipped kali-mera with a parasailor but we do not like the way he fixed it at the bow (it creates a lot of stress to the rail at the bow) and we could not find a really good solution (4 lines, 2 at the bow). Does anyone has a parasailor on the santorin ? - can anyone explain how he fixed it and can eventually show some pictures?

thank you very much

tadeja und herbert,

santorin 120  kali mera

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You are correct in that you could likely replace your main, mizzen, and genoa for less than the cost of a Parasailor. We replaced working sails on a late model Maramu for $8400 US a while back.

I don't see the rationale for a Parasailor on an Amel. The boats are usually set up with twins for downwind sailing which is far better than any spinnaker. I would go with a CLASS (cruisers light air sail solution) which is similar to what other sailmakers would call a cruising code zero. It's set from a foil-less furler and extremely easy to manage. It works through a wide range of wind angles. For situations where you are only sailing downwind for short periods of time during which you do not want to set the twins, the CLASS works well.

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> I just got a quote from the French distributor, Voiles Jacana for a Parasailor. With a bag and Easysnuffer for my Santorin Ketch, they quote 125m2 for the area, and want Euros 7,200 inc VAT at 19.5%.
> Seems like a lot, I could purchase a complete set of cruising sails for that in Turkey. Any one on the group have a Parasailor, and could tell me what they paid ?
> Thanks
> John Stonier
> Santorin 143, Azimuth, Kas Turkey

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