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Thomas Neuland <thomas.neuland@...>

Hi Bob,

My name is Tom Neuland, Owner of "MALLAMOK" SM#3 .

We had the batteries in the engine room, too.

First we doubled the capacity with 4 additional batteries behind the
This was not so bad, but due to the different resistance of the feeding
cables to block#1 and block#2 we had constant amps. Between them.

We installed the 2V trac-batteries from Mastervolt as well as a new
Mastervolt Charger (83Amps.)and now everything is fine.
We got 4 in the engine room and 4 under the pilots-bed, alongside the
engine room.

The boat is level now and the big weights close to the center of

So long


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Betreff: [Amel Yacht Owners] Mastervolt Rules

Thanks for the quick responses, I guess it's going to be Mastervolt.
I will check their website.
Paul, I can't help regrding the wiring run as my SM is the older
version where batteries are in the engine room.

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