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Hi Jeff,
it has a rubber bottom with wooden floor. The floor panels are 3 peaces. When we store it we take the panels out and roll the flat dinghy. This way it fits very well and easy in the stern locker. To take it in and out of the locker we use the besan halyard. But we only store it when we leave the boat somewhere or having a long open water passage, because it's some kind of work. If you are interested I can find out the brand and where to purchase.
BTW the manufacturer does offer the color of the dinghy as your AMEL, as beige with Bordeaux red stripes.

Christoph, 54#59

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Christoph, I assume you have a RIB with one solid bottom, as compared to a Zodiac 310, with its flat individual bottom panels. Doing the metric to feet conversion, your raft is roughly the size I'm looking at. Upon deflation, you can manage to get it in and out of you storage locker? What type of dinghy is it, and do you know the listed weight?
BTW, thanks to everyone who offered me a kind welcome.

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Dear Jeff,

since we decided to use a dinghy which is at least 3m long (now
3,20m) with a solid bottom, we bought for our 54 electric
operated davids.

This was one of the best decisions we did when we purchased our
54 in 2007. The boat is now in the Caribbean and we use the
dinghy every day. Moving it up and done with the engine fitted,
because we need to prevent it from thefts.

Yes, it is an expensive installation, but if you travel
worldwide and you may be not the youngest any more, this
installation is a must!


AMEL 54, #59

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Congratulations Jeff! And welcome to the family.




Brunswick, GA USA

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On Oct 13, 2013, at 12:48 PM,

I recently purchased Joel's 54, "Hollis." She is now "Spirit."
I'm proceeding slowly with additions to Spirit, and one of the
first additions will be an RIB. I've done some preliminary
homework, and thought I'd see if any 54 owners had input
regarding their choices of one, and their thoughts on what RIB
was the best fit. I was interested in the AB Ventus, and
wondered about fit. I will be back on Spirit in a week or so to
measure the stern locker, but for now, I'll go with any input
from other 54 owners.

Thanks in advance. Jeff Kraus

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