Website Woes


Hi all,
First let me say that the group webpage is now useless to me for searching messages, or even posting a new topic.  I had to post this via regular email.  We've got to do something about this before all our info is lost completely.  I'm ready to fork out some money to hire someone (preferably someone who is a member and competent to guide us and make it work) to find another way to continue our "conversations" and be able to post pics and files...even to attach a pic to a message.
We've talked about this for a couple of months now, is anyone actually doing anything?  I am pretty computer illiterate, but I am willing to find someone who can do this for us.  Should I just forge ahead, or should we be more formal about it...take a vote or something?
I think everyone would be willing to pay a reasonable fee to participate, what's reasonable?  $10 per year? $25?  What about upfront investment...$25? $50?
I fear that a lot of our information has already disappeared into the ether.
SM243 Kristy
Brunswick, GA, USA

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