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Glad to hear from someone with an older SM, in many ways these are
differnet boats to the new ones. I do believe that Amel solved the
problem of the + 2 deg list to Port by moving the battery bank under
the pilot berth. How did you go about achieving this? wiring runs,
sealing the under berth locker, etc?
Are the 2v Mastervolts as good as they claim?

Where is Mallamok?


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Hi Bob,

My name is Tom Neuland, Owner of "MALLAMOK" SM#3 .

We had the batteries in the engine room, too.

First we doubled the capacity with 4 additional batteries behind
This was not so bad, but due to the different resistance of the
cables to block#1 and block#2 we had constant amps. Between them.

We installed the 2V trac-batteries from Mastervolt as well as a new
Mastervolt Charger (83Amps.)and now everything is fine.
We got 4 in the engine room and 4 under the pilots-bed, alongside
engine room.

The boat is level now and the big weights close to the center of

So long


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Thanks for the quick responses, I guess it's going to be
I will check their website.
Paul, I can't help regrding the wiring run as my SM is the older
version where batteries are in the engine room.

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