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Many of the Dessalator answers can be found at including your size and some instructions on replacement. I see you found the correct membrane. For all of you that do not know this, there is currently 1 manufacturer of these membranes in the world: Filmtec. Filmtec membranes will be found under other brand names like Spectra, but in the case of Spectra, the membrane is a special size and can only be bought at Spectra...this is why the Spectra membrane is $600. 

Back to Kent,
On the Amel Owners Group website if you go to Files ( >Dessalator Technical Info> REPLACING THE MEMBRANES.doc you will see the excellent write-up by Gary Silver for replacement of membranes for a may help you.

Dessalator Photos:

Regarding the Water Heater, I do not believe the internal water pipe can be replaced. I know the electrical heating element can be. But even the electrical will be 30% of the cost of a new heater. I am fairly sure that you want to go with a new heater because removing the water heater is a pain and surely if you replaced one thing today, something else will go wrong tomorrow. Isotemp makes the exact model number of the 40 liter Amel installed in #387. They also make the same water heater with two water paths i.e. can heat the water with two engines, or cap off the 2nd path for use later. If I remember correctly, this was only about 10% more, but a special order item. If I had time, I would have replaced the original with this and plumbed it to the generator and the main engine. I did have some issues with the fit of the "exact model number" because Isotemp changed the model, but not the model number...see the following link for that information:

Hope this helps.

BeBe, #387

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I have found the info I was asking for.
The replacement membranes from FilmTec are part number SW30-2521 (2.5inch dia, 21inch length)
I found them for $178 each plus shipping at ROwater Systems Inc.
SM 243

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