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Hi Alexandre!

What is your first stop?

Fair winds

Stephanie DiBelardino

On Oct 15, 2013, at 3:20 PM, Alexandre Uster von Baar <uster@...> wrote:


I can do the translation is needed.
My plan is to make a section on for the maintenance or repair I have done, I will be happy to post pictures and files from Bill and others.
I am preparing my January trip, so not much free time now, many pictures I have to post on my own site..
Sincerely, Alexandre

Seabrook, Texas, USA

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Subject: Re: [Amel] Website Woes
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Date: Tuesday, October 15, 2013, 3:38 AM


Yes, Nordhavn does participate
and has a very good owner's group. Unfortunately, I do
not believe that the current management of Amel is similar
to the Nordhavn management. Interestingly, I believe there
are a lot of crossovers in the two company's customer
base, but sadly I do not think that you will see Amel doing

I am hopeful that someone fluent
in French will discuss some sort of share or merger with the
French owner's group owner. I have an archive of what I
considered the important photos and files from the Yahoo
Group and regardless what Yahoo does with our current group,
the messages that are currently there will likely be there
for a long time. I think all of the other things are
important such as the photos and files.

BillBeBe #387

On Tue, Oct 15, 2013
at 7:43 AM, Stephanie DiBelardino <stephiedib@...>


I agree with Bill about adapting the
French site.  I searched for it even before I searched for
the yahoo owners group.  Perhaps AMEL would be interested
in facilitating the adaptation.  When we owned a Nordhavn.
PAI, the company that manufactured Nordhavn, participated in
the forum so as to keep its finger in the pie. 

Fair Winds!" Bianca ",
formerly Dikenec IISantorin

Stephanie DiBelardino

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