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Thanks Bill,
How in the world did you ever figure that out?

Also, using Mozilla Firefox I don't get anything that looks like the home page for the amelyachtowners group.  I have to use Microsoft Internet Explorer when on my PC.

It sounds like a very time consuming effort for someone to do translations back and forth between the French and English sites.  Again, I am happy to pay someone for their time in this effort.  Having the French and English versions meshed would give us twice as much information to work with.

Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help...but don't ask me to translate (:

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I agree completely with everything you said.

One other suggestion:
If someone fluent in French and "website savvy" will contact chris"at" Chris is the Owner of the French Amel Owners Group 
which has a proprietary website and a dedicated server.

My thinking is that it would be very easy for Cris to copy his current website and translate the 
structure into English, then have two sites, one French and one English. 
It could be possible to do this a number of other ways.

Also, Kent, you can search messages...really and the following is not a joke.
Yahoo did an extremely poor job of placing the search feature for messages.
I will try to explain:
If you have entered your name and password in the last 2 weeks go to step 4 below...if you have not entered your Yahoo name and password in 2 weeks: 
  1. click on the your name near the top right and click on sign out. This will take you to the Yahoo homepage. 
  2. Now click on Login and enter your name and password. This will take you to yet another Yahoo home page. 
  3. Now go to
  4. Next take notice of the search box near the mid, upper left. It has two buttons to the right of the search box. Do Not Use Those Buttons! 
  5. Enter a term in the search box like bow thruster and hit enter on your keyboard. 
  6. VIOLA! You have successfully searched messages.
Sorry there is not alpha search for photos or photo can only sort by oldest or newest.


BeBe, #387

On Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 7:30 PM, Kent Robertson <karkauai@...> wrote:
Hi all,
First let me say that the group webpage is now useless to me for searching messages, or even posting a new topic.  I had to post this via regular email.  We've got to do something about this before all our info is lost completely.  I'm ready to fork out some money to hire someone (preferably someone who is a member and competent to guide us and make it work) to find another way to continue our "conversations" and be able to post pics and files...even to attach a pic to a message.
We've talked about this for a couple of months now, is anyone actually doing anything?  I am pretty computer illiterate, but I am willing to find someone who can do this for us.  Should I just forge ahead, or should we be more formal about it...take a vote or something?
I think everyone would be willing to pay a reasonable fee to participate, what's reasonable?  $10 per year? $25?  What about upfront investment...$25? $50?
I fear that a lot of our information has already disappeared into the ether.
SM243 Kristy
Brunswick, GA, USA

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