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Micron 77 replaced Micron 66 at least a year ago. That 66 may have been a
little old. The primary benefit with 77 is that you can take it in fresh
water...fresh water will ruin the antifouling nature of 66, according to
International Paints.

I raised the antifouling up to the boot stripe, a raise of about 1" or
25mm. I had the orange boot stripe sanded, primed and repainted using
AwlGrip 2-part desert sand, then left a white 25mm stripe above it, then
added a new 25mm stripe above the white. Desert Sand is the color used by
Amel today for the boot stripe. The two stripes turned out nice. I will
post a photo with the group and have attached it to this email.

BTW, I still had 1-2 liters left over after raising the antifouling 25mm.


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Ihad a heavy sanding done this spring and used 66 I did not see 77 in the
They used 6 gallons including painting over the orange stripe this year as
kimberlite sits down by the keel
I hope next time i haul i will use only 5 gallons. I will keep a look out
for 77.
what is the difference?
fair winds
sm 376 kimberlite

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Most of the places we have hauled sell Micron in 20 liter pails. It works
perfectly for 2 good coats all over and a third coat from the waterline
down about 12-18", the leading edge of keel and skeg, and all of the
rudder. We usually have about a liter or so left over which we discard.

We generally haul every 2 years. We hauled this July which was 2 years and
3 months, but probably could have waited for 3 years as the Med is not the

BeBe, SM2k, #387
Fethiye, Turkey

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*How much 66/77 do you use to paint your boat?*

*How often do you haul and paint?*

*Fair Winds*


*Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite*



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