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Dear Bill,


My Amel 54 has the bigger bamar 2.02 furler installed by Amel. The Hanse has the 1.01 furler which is totally under dimensioned for the 63 feet boat.  Regarding the Perini Navi I do not know why and if they use the Bamar furlers but I am sure that the selection is in the client to decide and the furler they use is for sure hydraulic and for sure different than the Bamar 2.02 system.


I am very happy with the Amel 54 but I have to admit that the Bamar genoa furler is not according to the Amel standards and Amel has to protect the users and change the furler in order to avoid problems in the open seas.  We have bought an Amel boat to use it and not to leave the boat in the marinas. I am considering to participate in the ARC 2014 and I want to know if the installed Bamar furler can withstand the forces of the Atlantic ocean. Who can reply  my question? Amel though Bamar informed me that I have to put new grease and close the furler no problem will arise in the future. Do they want to cross the Atlantic with my boat with such a problematic furler?


Beast Regards




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Hello, my friend I hope you are well.


I did a little research on the fuller on the 54 and found that Hanse used a Bamar furler on their 63' yacht, but apparently stopped because of some issues. I am not sure that it is the same problem, or not, but it may be something pertinent. 


If I am not mistaken large-boat yards like Perini Navi use Bamar furlers, so the issue may not be with the brand, but could be with the specs of the model used on the 54, or the installation. Are you ready for a 55? :>)



I hope you do not mind a lowly Super Maramu owner jumping in on a 54 thread...I guess I am bored.



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I hope that all Amel 54 owner with a problem on the Bamar furler send a brief description of the problem they are facing if any in order to prepare a letter to Amel and address the issue.





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Hi Dimitris and Haldun


I have an Amel 54 delivered May 2009.
I was crossing Atlantic in 2010. I did get problem with the furler (Bamar 1.0.2?) to the genua and had to change belt many times. Amel did it twice, but it did not help.

I decided to buy the bigger furler, a Bamar 2.0.2 i April 2011 and Amel told me that it would be much better. I also talked to Jean-Jacques LEMONNIER, and he admitted that they had problem with Bamar.
(I belive they have a different brand today, at least I hope so).

I did get more problem in 2012, the furler became really noisy and the fuse started going even if it is low pressure in the sail. I was visiting Le Marin in July 2013 to get this fixed among other things. The technician from Amel admitted that it was noisy and tried to clean it and was putting in grease. Still it is noisy. I discovered when I had left Le Marin that the fuse is now going even easier than before.

I do not know what I should do now. I have already spend quite much money on the new Bamar 2.0.2.

Amel is saying that I should send the furler to Bamar for repair.  Since I am on a circumnavigation and I cannot get any information about how long time it will take until I get it back and I also not sure that it will be better this time (since Amel do not seem to have so good thrust on Bamar), so therefor I am not willing to send it.

I have also the same experience with the Control box. Amel is saying it is better to use the old one. The question is if it is.


I am quite sure that there are several more Amel owners that have similar problem. Let’s hope they could speak out, because if it is a common problem I think Amel should take a bigger responsibility for this problem.


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Hi Dimitris,

I had similar problems with the Bamar furler, and it was repaired by the Bamar service in Marmaris, out of warranty. Also the electronic control box of this furler was very problematic, and despite many replacements, I still can not use the control box (instead I'm using the EM box).




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I have the Amel 54 delivered new on May 2011 with the Bamar furler 2.02 for the genoa. I heard a strange noise and opened the front cover and I found out that there was a lot of brass particles which according to my knowledge means that the gear is starting to be damaged  by the forces of the genoa. After cleaning the gear I put new lithium grease and I contacted Amel. Amel has informed Bamar and after an exchange of e-mails they both decided that the furler is out of warranty and Amel offered to pay 50% of the freight to Bamar for assessment of the damage and repair with payment if it is possible.


I would like to know from other Amel 54 sailors if they have similar problems with the Bamar genoa furler as for me is unacceptable that Amel uses such a problematic furler. On my SM2000 I never had a problem with the Amel build genoa furler.




Alma Libre Too

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