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I am very aware of as seven years ago, Judy and I were one of their early clients.

Thanks for the suggestion.


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Hello Bill and Judy
Another possible route might be to employ someone with the necessary knowledge and experience to make a suitable website for us. What I have in mind is that the couple who bought my last boat and sailed it around the world had a website It was made up for them by a friend who was also a keen sailor and who crewed with them on their first Atlantic crossing. His business is and as he has been running it for at least a dozen years I believe that he is competent.He should be well able to create a site with all the  bells and whistles that we would reasonably need.
I do not know him personally and as I am busy putting Bali Hai on the market to mark my eightieth birthday I am not able to do more than make a suggestion that perhaps you or another owner might wish to explore.
                                     Best wishes,   Anne and John,  Bali Hai,  SM 319,  Malta
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I think the ability to post by email is important.  I'm not a FaceBook user but would be happy to join if that's what we decide to do.
If we had our own website, we could make it do what ever we wanted it to do.  I don't know the difference in price between a proprietary website and a google, yahoo, or Facebook group, but it would be with something to have exactly what we want and control over what happens to it.

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I joined the French Amel Owners Group, and browsed their website.


It is a nice site, but there is no provision for maintaining a database of photos or files to share among the members.


I did like the categories he used for the forum, but in looking further in the site I found that some members post electrical messages in the engine forum, etc.


I take back my suggestion for a merger, but I am toying with a FaceBook Group page. It has Photos and Files which are has messages which are shared and I believe that you can get email notification of new messages. I also like the way the moderator can set up predetermined photo albums for members to add an example this will mean that all engine related photos would be in one album...


The downside to some people is that you will not be able to respond to a new posting via email and you will have to be a FaceBook user, but that may not be an issue.





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