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Thanks so much, Gary.  I don't think we want someone to spend an inordinate amount of their time maintaining the website for nothing.  Is it the kind of thing we could hire someone to do, preferably a member who is savvy enough and would treat it like a job?  Sorry, I'm just not computer literate enough to know exactly what is involved.
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Take a look at  This is a standard php bulletin board and I think it would serve all the needs of the group. (There are others like it: (which is complex),, and a host of others). I am a member there and know the board's operator.  I have webspace and bandwidth (well, it would cost extra per month)  and could host the owner's group on a system like this one (in a couple of months). 
I don't know if/how the current content could be imported, but from reading a bit on the web it seems possible; just not simple. My time commitments are kind of high until mid January then I would be able to get and maintain the full up site, but I could try to set up a skeleton board and see what it might look like.  It looks like someone already owns '' which re-directs to the current yahoo group.
If this sounds like something we want to try, let me here from some of the 'principles' in the group (folks that are frequent posters) and I will pursue it. A full-up bulletin board is a bit of maintenance (yes, we'll need a couple of moderators) but it will have the capabilities for search, storage, albums, etc. as well as regular upgrades. 
What thinkest thou?

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