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I own a Mango with a Nirvana rigging since 2005.
 My main mast has two spreader levels and the mast does not curve under strong wind pressure. I have notice that on an earlier Mango, without a furling mainsail, there is only one spreader level. However I do not know if this is an original mast. I could, if it seems useful, contact its french owner... 
Yes the Mango with electric furlers does seem to roll more than the Super Maramu in heavy swells.
In Transatlantic crossing, I install the the life raft on the rear roof, so it does add more weight above the waterline, but I feel that, in an emergency, I could not extract the raft out of its locker very rapidly...
I understand, from speaking with Mr Selo, a few years ago, that Mangos with electric furling had a heavier metal keel, than the earlier Mangos without electric furlers.
I do not know what Mr T wishes to know about Nirvana riggings, please advise. I have replaced half of the wiring in the rigging, but, I often felt that my original 1985 rigging replaced on the advice of surveyors, was more sturdy than the replacement. One characteristic of the original Nirvana rigging is that the date of fabrication of each swage on its wire is engraved on the fitting. For the replaced fitting and wire, I have to refer to the date of the rigger's bill!  
Serge, -V. Opera, (Mango no 51)  

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Hi Tadej
as a long time SM owner (since 1995 same boat) and several atlantic crossing, I'm glad to give you my input concerning your question:

"Is the boat rolling on long ocean waves going downwind as it is quite narrow for its length?" Not so much, specially with the genua and balloner rolled out with the two poles the boat is well stabilized.

80 hp enough ? Yes ! Speed in flat water, no head wind, clean bottom and fix prop: 8.4 kn with 2800 rpm, 7.5 kn with 2300 rpm, 6 kn with 1900 rpm
( Max speed anyway: 2.43 * SQR 12.60 = 8.6 kn )
Hope that helps
SM # 16 Tamango 2
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Betreff : [Amel] AMEL MANGO and OLD VIDEO

Hi all,
I am looking for some data over the older model AMEL MANGO and would like to get as much information as possible; there is quite scarcity of data on internet available.
I found a nice page on which there is an old 45 minutes long video of factory tour (must be from 80-ties) - and Mango shown on production line.
Can anyone advise me on the Nirvana rigging; I found some Mango models for sale which have two spreaders main mast as well as some with single spreader mast. I found some old posts regarding this but they were never properly answered. Is there a difference also in sail size or?
If anyone can share data about their Mango would be glad to receive it (manual, polar diagram etc.);
I am wondering why such a renowned boat yar
d does not have all the data available on their homepage. The only yard to my knowledge with all the data online is Hallberg Rassy.
Some questions:
- Is the boat rolling on long ocean waves going downwind as it is quite narrow for its length?
- Is the installed 80HP Perkins too weak for today's standards? Can anyone suggest what are the actual cruising speeds at given RPM with clean boat with original propeller and with some other type if installed (I've read on older posts that original propeller is 1" too small).
Thank you very much for your inputs.
Cheers, T

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