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I don't know wher version of FB You have, but on my version that search funktion is not for messages, it is for persons you will have a chat with


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Go to one of your Facebook groups. Look for the search icon (magnifying glass on the right side about 5cm from the on it. It will search messages, but not photos.


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I can't see how. I am member in other groups on FB, and I can't find any search function for items in a message or a certain message. Please explain better.

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18 okt 2013 kl. 09:39 skrev "Bill & Judy Rouse" <yahoogroups@...>:


Yes you can search messages in a Facebook group and it works well, but you cannot search photo names. We can overcome that by having pre-determined photo album names.

I agree with what you say, but the reality is that we would need 500 members paying $100 a year to have a minimal budget. We would also have to have someone make the decisions because with 500 people making decisions, we would need a serious budget and staff.

The issue is that we are a group of Amel owners loosely tied together and unless somebody does something like Closereach did when he started this group, nothing will happen.

I encourage anyone to do something. I am going to put together a FaceBook Group. As much as I dislike FaceBook, its Group structure has most of the things we need. My plan is to be up and running by early December with a lot, if not all, of the information in photos and files migrated to the new Group. I will not be able to migrate messages, but the Amel Group messages will be where they are now for searching until Yahoo makes another then, it may not make a difference.

I will let you know when I have it ready. Hopefully, someone else will do something also, and frankly I hope it is better than what I put together...that way we can choose the best.


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I don't think that you can make search for info in a FB group. At least you can't search in a normal FB account

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I joined the French Amel Owners Group, and browsed their website.

It is a nice site, but there is no provision for maintaining a database of photos or files to share among the members.

I did like the categories he used for the forum, but in looking further in the site I found that some members post electrical messages in the engine forum, etc.

I take back my suggestion for a merger, but I am toying with a FaceBook Group page. It has Photos and Files which are has messages which are shared and I believe that you can get email notification of new messages. I also like the way the moderator can set up predetermined photo albums for members to add an example this will mean that all engine related photos would be in one album...

The downside to some people is that you will not be able to respond to a new posting via email and you will have to be a FaceBook user, but that may not be an issue.



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