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Ciao Alessandro!

Ezio and I have done the ICW from Norfolk, VA, to Palm Beach, Fl and return many, many times since 2002 -- but never in an AMEL.  What is your draft and your height from waterline to top of the mast?  Your first challenge will be bridge clearance and the second challenge will be shoaling, especially in Georgia and certain areas of North Carolina, but, other than that, it is a wonderful trip.  You may find it easier in some areas to do day hops along the coast. Do you have bicycles aboard to explore some of the little towns along the way?

The largest sail boat that we traversed the waterway with was a 43' Nauticat motorsailer.  Our draft was 6', and the mast was 65', so, whenever we went under bridges it was like a fire drill!  Ezio, my husband, left the starboard side water and fuel tanks empty.  Then on the port side, we had oblong bladders filled with water -- so, we did have a bit of a port lean at all times.  When we approached a bridge he swung out the boom to port. To the end of the boom was attached a water bag in the shape of a drogue, but closed with a valve at the bottom.  He had this hooked up to a hose that pumped sea water.  So, the boat leaned even more to port -- I forget the exact degree lean.  In this manner, we were able to clear ICW bridges without a problem. After clearing the bridge, he brought the boom in close enough to open the valve.  What a trip that was!  

There is a website that is dedicated to at least weekly updates on the waterway.  i will look for the link and send to you.

Fair winds!

Stephanie DiBelardino

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Hi friends,

Now me and my family  are in Miami and in June we're planning to sail up to the US east cost and coming back in september.
in september sailing south it could be useful stay in the ICW:  does anyone have any experience about that  option?

thanks and  fair winds
alessandro lucetta e blu
GRAND CRU Supermaramu 2k #443

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