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I wrote the following some time ago, but, since I was at sea, I was not able to send it earlier.
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Dear Anne and John, on BALI HAI,
Dear Jim, on ANTARES,

I think you are not confused at all: The situation is such that, even with no desalted water being produced (valve opened, anticlockwise) , the indicator, chronologically after 2 minutes, turns to “Good quality” …of what???

Even if the production is not good, a salinity which was so high that immeasurable with normal manual gauge in my case, the good quality remains green indefinitely.

The salinity monitor is not connected, so that it does not analyse the produced water, and does not send salted water, if any, back to sea. (Easy to control there is no voltage on wires connecting to the monitor)

In my case, the osmotic filters being out of order after only 500 hours, or less, the equipment produced salted water and sent it in my tanks for months. Since I do not drink it, and since I was relying on the monitor, it probably lasted quite long.

Although in French, I could never get from Dessalator proper and clear answers to my numerous letters ( always turning around) until September 20th 2004 …, when P. WAGNER, MD of Dessalator admitted that it was a deliberate choice made by him and AMEL to send salted water in my / your tanks.

I find this answer indecent:
I simply bought a watermaker to make good water and not salted one. The rest is my concern.

On top of that, all the documents we received when commissioning the boat are pure lies and so are the explanations given; and worse, driving to a possible misuse of the equipment.

The last letter of P. WAGNER, posted to me and French Forum, is only to turn into derision and ridicule my comments, make philosophy and vindication on salted water…and give absolutely no response, neither to technical questions nor to how to solve the problem; its not his concern.

The consequences of this deliberate choice are, or can be, very serious.
I actually got problems with:

The contactor (pressure switch) of the sanitary water pump.
The expansion tank , the one which is not in stainless steel.
The washing machine, completely corroded from inside by salt and its other consequence: electrolyse (I can provide pictures).
Ceramic filter installation at outgoing of tanks completely corroded.

What is the state of the boiler? I have not looked inside yet.
The same applies to dishwashing machine, faucets and their fragile thermostats, pipes…

I consider we, all Dessalator customers, are facing a very serious and intolerable problem and hope I have been clear enough, although in my English.

I, of course, remain at your disposal for any complement, comment or support .




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